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Price : £6.99
Type : Selling
Date : March 11, 2019
Condition : New
Location : Upton, Taunton, Somerset, UK


TOP QUALITY – sourced by our industry experts

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available on request

Pure Neatsfoot Oil is a deep penetrating oil and natural preservative for leather articles subjected to everyday use and outdoor exposure.

Pure Neatsfoot Oil  is a natural animal oil that replaces the evaporated oils in leather.

Pure Neatsfoot Oil is a restorative which makes dried out leather soft and pliable.

A tried and trusted product with saddle makers.

Protects against the stiffening effect of repeated wetting-drying cycles.

Ensure leather is clean before applying Pure Neatsfoot Oil.

Apply a thin layer of oil to the flesh side of leather and allow to soak in. If required, also apply a thin layer to the grain side.

Re-apply oil if leather still appears stiff, taking care not to over-oil.

Not suitable for aniline or untreated leather, suede or nubuck.

Test on a hidden area before use.


We have had specially designed boxes commissioned to ensure that our products reach you in optimum condition. We only use high quality tins with screw top lids.


We are confident that we are providing the best quality products on the market for our customers. However, if you are unhappy with your product in any way then we will provide you with a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date. In the unlikely event that your product is damaged in transit we will happily provide you with a replacement product free of charge – we just ask that you tell us how the product is damaged so that we can inform the courier.


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