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  • HKM Lunge whip 180 cm
Price : £24.95
Type : Selling
Date : April 9, 2019
Location : UK

HKM Lunge whip 180 cm


2 June 2018

Verified Purchase

Use this as part of a “tease” toy for my 8 month German shepherd. It’s really strong, the rope part withstands him pulling really hard on it, and the whole thing is fine if he decides to try and run off with the toy while I’m holding the whip handle. The connection from the rope to the handle did bend when he got tangled, but it was easily fixed and could be replaced easily if it did break completely.


 Mary Williams

5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars

27 March 2018

Verified Purchase

Brilliant quality and is superbly fit for purpose.

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