We advise all online payments to be made through PayPal for buyer and seller protection purposes. If you do not use PayPal you will not be able to set up a case in the resolution centre.  ***IF ASKED BY YOUR SELLER TO PAY AS “FRIENDS OR FAMILY” WHEN YOU DO NOT KNOW THEM, PLEASE DISAGREE AND REPORT THE USERNAME OF THE SELLER TO HORSE-BAY IMMEDIATELY.

The Horse-Bay Team will be here to help with any problems you may incur during the use of our site but we cannot be held responsible in any way for the actions of other users once money has changed hands.

If you have any concerns about a product or animal listed on Horse-Bay then we advise especially when of high value that you view in person before purchasing.


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Please be careful when posting feedback for users of Horse-Bay, we will not accept damaging comments to users who do not deserve them. If we are made aware of damaging comments without purpose then we will have no choice but to ban you from Horse-Bay.


To contact us please email Admin@horse-bay.co.uk

If you are having a problem with a user then please use the report button and we will look into the issue.